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News & 来自高管教育的见解

Abu Dhabi Festival and the 策略性慈善研究中心 announces first cohort of Young Philanthropists Programme

by Jack Lilley, Communications Manager at the 策略性慈善研究中心 As part of the 18th edition, held under the theme 'The…

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The Centre of Strategic Philanthropy’s debut executive education course

by Zhiwan Rong, Research Assistant at the 策略性慈善研究中心 Last month the Centre debuted its executive education programme, entitled 'Strategic…

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Social mission

Professor Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel Prize for pioneering microcredit in Bangladesh, tells the CJBS Perspectives video series on leadership about…

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Film producer looks at leadership through a fresh lens

Jennifer Jonas is familiar with the University of Cambridge, having completed an MPhil in comparative literature at St John's College in 1985.…

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What’s next? Australian entrepreneur gains fresh perspective at 大发彩票佳奇管理学院

Armed with an MBA, 30年的商业经验, a doctorate in competitive customer experience and a role as the Executive Director of…

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Future-proofing philanthropy by institutionalising best practice

By Clare Woodcraft, Executive Director for the 策略性慈善研究中心 慈善事业正在发生变化. 全球大流行导致…

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How COVID-19 could change marketing forever, and for the better

作者是Jaideep Prabhu教授和Eden Yin博士 Professor Jaideep Prabhu There is no doubt that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has been…

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Three ways COVID-19 has changed marketing and branding

Professor Jaideep Prabhu and Dr Eden Yin discuss how the events of 2020 have not only changed the world, But also the...

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Going from employee to entrepreneur with the GMCA

When Anna Zhang made the move from employee to entrepreneur, she faced many challenges, 但在总经理的帮助下…

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