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大发彩票佳奇管理学院 was the first leading business school in the UK to recognise that the unique challenges facing professional firms needed a specialised set of executive education programmes. We bring together a whole range of senior professional leaders from firms that vary a lot in size both domestic and international. We have architects, accountants, actuaries, consulting engineers who are facing a common set of challenges in a business environment where the pace of change is picking up.

我在Epic Systems工作. We are a global legal technology solutions and service provider. So we deal with clients all over the world from North America to Europe and Australia solving any of their legal challenges.

We are a firm of chartered accountants. We have just launched a new four year business strategy. In order to make that strategy achieve its ideal outcome, there are challenges.

One of the main challenges that we have is dealing with disruption in our industry. 技术节奏的变化, it’s rapidly evolving in terms of legal outsourcing, 可用的技术.

作为学术项目主任, I actually enjoy the collaboration with my faculty colleagues to develop new and innovative content for our programmes and also to ensure that we provide a really actively engaged environment in the classroom. We also determined that a combination of highly experienced practitioners as well as our world leading academics at the School would provide an optimum experience for the participants.

大发彩票佳奇管理学院, a dedicated team has been engaging with clients and individuals within the professional service firm sector since 2006, designing and delivering executive education programmes to meet their specific needs.

Our programmes offer individuals access to leadership development open programmes aimed at law firm partners and professional service firm leaders. We welcome the opportunity to work with clients to offer these programmes for firm specific delivery or develop a customised programme in collaboration with the client. The strength of our professional service firm offerings lies in our ability to bring together leading business academics from the University of Cambridge with top consulting professionals. This creates a wealth of experience in providing strategic, leadership and personal advice and development skills throughout Europe, and globally. The results are unique learning events which blend academic and practical sessions to provide leaders not only with an in-depth understanding of the concepts of PSF management and the role of the leader, but also with the skills to apply those concepts in their daily working lives.

Who to contact

Stacey Clifford
电话:+44 (0)1223 339605
Email: [email protected]

2021 programmes

Six key insights on legal project management are offered by Dr Kishore Sengupta, Reader in Operations Management at 大发彩票佳奇管理学院.

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